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Related article: Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 00:00:16 -0500 (EST) From: David Lemmaire Subject: AFTER-SCHOOL SNACKS (t/t/b, inc, con, oral, anal)AFTER-SCHOOL SNACKS (t/t/b, inc, con, oral, anal) by LemmaireThe summer I turned 13, I stayed overnight at my boyfriend's house while his parents were out. My name's Brad McKay and his name's Tony Myerson. He's the same age as me, 13. His little brother Chase is 8.He'd kill me if he knew I was calling him my boyfriend. He's a fun guy, but he gets a little nervous about that word.But, hell, since we've been doing stuff with each other since we were 10 -- you know the kind of stuff I mean -- sex stuff -- "boyfriend" is definitely the right word to use, whether he admits it or not. When you've got your dick up another guy's butt, like it or not, you're pretty-much at the boyfriend stage.His parents were going out bowling that night -- it's so gross -- they bowl on a league -- they go out every Friday night with their dorky looking shirts with the names sewed over the pockets.So, that left us free from five o'clock on, with the whole house to ourselves -- except for Chase, who we had to keep an eye on. We gave him some popcorn and put in a movie for him and told him to stay downstairs and not bug us. He was funny. He said he was going to put on his pajamas because he needed pajamas to watch his movies.So there he was, five in the afternoon, eating popcorn, already dressed for bed. Kids.Meanwhile, Tony and I went up to his room, drinking Cokes, eating popcorn ourselves, and looking at pictures on his computer. GOOD pictures. The ones with guys showing there hard-ons and stuff. It wasn't the first time we'd discovered the joy of newsgroups."Oh my God, take a look at that one!" Tony whispered in awe as another downloaded JPG began to take shape on his computer screen. We'd downloaded about ten so far, and our boners were already jumping out of our pants."Holy balls," he said quietly, a look of impressed concentration on his face. "That guy must be forty-five inches long!"I'll have to admit, it was impressive.When you're 13, and your best friend is 13, and the only penises you've ever seen up close are hanging from your own legs, basically, anything over four inches looks like a goal post."Jeeeezus," Tony exclaimed, touching his finger to the monitor and running it along the outline of the guy's thick sausage. "How the hell does he even fit that thing into his PANTS?""I'm not sure," I answered honestly, studying the pure, frightening girth of it. "Maybe it shrinks down when he's not on camera.""God, I hope so," Tony muttered, clicking back to the menu and picking out another picture title."My dick's all hard," I complained, fidgeting in my chair. "Let's take our pants off and do stuff.""In a minute," he replied anxiously. "I wanna look at a few more pictures first."I groaned impatiently. Why look at the fake ones when the real one was right here, ready to slip into his butt?He double-clicked on another title, and the next picture started appearing on the screen.I'll have to admit, by this time, I was more interested in watching the little blue thermometer than the big, hard wiener that was rectangling into view. The sooner that blue hit 100%, the sooner I'd be able to release my aching load. (Well, drops, I guess. At 13, I wasn't quite able to manage loads)."Ooooh," he said, taking a look at the finished product. "That one's a thickie."It was. It wasn't very long, but it made up for it in thickness."Yowch," he winced. "Imagine sitting on that one. You wouldn't be able to crap for a month.""Or even worse," I grinned. "You'd crap right there on the bed."He shut off the monitor and smiled at me."Okay, that's enough," he announced. "Time for after-school snacks."That was a joke phrase between us. When we met in fifth grade -- he was a new kid in school -- we hit it off right away in homeroom. He invited me over to his house the first day he met me. It was really funny. He was so proper. He said, "Would you mind coming over to my house for some after school snacks?"I laughed at him hilariously, but eagerly accepted his invitation. He was a cool kid, and I liked him from the start. Little did I know that "after school snacks" would turn out to be looking at his very impressive collection of dirty magazines, stolen from an older cousin -- and jacking each other to Loli Preteen an explosive dry climax while we looked at the pictures.And the next night, he invited me over again and taught me the joys of sixty-nining -- an acrobatic little maneuver I'd never even imagined, much less participated in. Apparently, Tony was well versed in the methods of boy-boy entertainment, since he told me later his cousin had showed him the ropes for years, beginning when he was about 7-years-old.And since boys will be boys, sucking each other quickly turned into fucking each other. Loli Preteen Tony suggested it first, after he'd shown me some really hot pictures of two guys doing it with each other. We wet each other down with big wads of spit, and spent the whole afternoon taking turns, plowing into each others' tight buttholes until our dicks were red and sore. I still have memories of that day.I liked doing it to him more than I liked having him do it to me...and as the years went by, that seemed to work out fine for both of us...since he admitted to me he liked having it stuffed up his butt more than he liked putting it in mine. That was fine with me, since having him in me kind of hurt. I still Loli Preteen let him do it to me whenever he wants (which thank God, isn't often), but the whole time he's in there pumping, I'm gritting my teeth and trying to think of other things, hoping he finishes quick, because really, it doesn't feel that great.Tony, on the other hand, really likes it. He says it doesn't hurt at all. And when I'm doing it to him, I can tell he really gets into it. He moans a lot and makes these sexy little whimpering noises that really make me crazy. Every time I hear the noises he makes, I just want to do it to him harder and harder.He pushes his butt back against my dick while I'm sliding it in and out of him. He grinds his hips around and wraps his hands around my butt and tries to pull me deeper inside of him. Sometimes he puts his finger in my butt, too. Not hard or deep, but just a little, which feels really nice.He whispers sexy things to me. He says dirty words and tells me how good I feel and how big I am and stuff like that. It's really cool. So, needless to say, I like doing it to him every chance I get. Piss on girls. Tony's the best."So, what kind of after-school snacks would you like today, sir?"He grabbed a notebook and pencil from his desk and stood there like a waitress, his hand on his hips, giving me his full attention, waiting for my order. I laughed."I think I'd like a big plate of your ass," I grinned, taking the notebook out of his hand and pushing him down on his bed.I laid on top of him and pinned him down and kissed him.Kissing was something pretty new to us. We'd been doing sex stuff for a long time, but never started kissing until earlier this year. It happened by accident, almost. We thought it was kind of too weird Loli Preteen before, so we never did it. But once when we were listening to music, he leaned over and kissed me, and even though I was surprised, it felt really nice. So, now we kiss all the time. And believe me, it makes the other stuff feel even better.So, I laid there kissing him, running my tongue around his mouth, biting his lower lip with little nibbles, which he really liked. He grabbed my back and pulled my full weight down on top of him. He liked that....being laid on with my full weight. He told me it was a good being trapped, but in a good way. He said he liked it when I made him feel helpless like that. He said it really made him hard and excited, liked he was powerless to all the good feelings I was giving him.Well, I sure wasn't going to disappoint him this afternoon. I continued to press down on him, my hips grinding into his crotch, our hard dicks mashing against each other between our jeans."Let's take our shirts and pants off," I told him, between kisses.We fumbled with our sleeves, tugged on snaps and zippers, and before too long, we were laying there in nothing but our underwear, me grinding on top of him, enjoying the sounds of his little moans and feeling the sweaty warmth of his naked skin. His stomach muscles clenched every time I ground down on him harder."Oh yeah," he whispered. "Keep doing that."We took of our underwear, hurriedly, helping each other, still not touching each others' penises.We must have kissed for fifteen minutes.When we first started doing stuff, it was really quick and over in a flash. It was like a race to see who could finish first. But now that we've been together for a few years, we've learned to take our time and not rush to the end. And especially since we added the kissing, now we just enjoy rubbing each other and making out for a good, long time before we even touch each others' dicks."Suck me," I whispered hoarsely. "Let me put it in your mouth now."He nodded between kisses and scrunched up against the headboard.I scooted up and kneeled over his mouth.He licked his lips, getting them wet, getting them ready to suck my penis, which was rock hard, at it's full four-inch length. I wished it was longer. I knew how much he liked to have it in his mouth and feel it deep in his throat. I wished it was as long as the pictures we were looking at on the internet, because I knew he'd really like having a big one like that, ramming into his throat, splitting it wide open and making him choke. The harder I went, the more he liked it."Oh yeah," I moaned, feeling his hot lips wrap around the tip of my straining cock. "Suck it, Tony. Let me put it way in, deep."His hands wrapped around my butt and he clenched tight, pulling me hard, ramming me into his mouth. He gagged once, like he always did, then he developed a rhythm, making soft gulping noises as I pummeled in and out of him."Ahhhhhh! I'm telling!"The small voice from the doorway almost gave me a heart attack."Just kidding. I won't tell."I craned my neck around, and there was Chase, standing in the hallway, a bowl of popcorn in his hand, munching away, grinning at what he was seeing.And let me tell you, he was getting an eyeful, since all he could see at the moment was his big brother propped up against the headboard, mouth wide open, my four-inch cock buried to the hilt in him."Shit," I said, pulling out quickly and looking madly on the floor for my underwear.Tony laughed. "It's okay," he said. "Relax. Chase won't tell anybody, will you, Chase?""Hell, no," Chase swore, a wide grin spreading over his cute 8-year-old face. "You think I never saw a stiffy before?"We both laughed at his casual remark. I sat up on the bed, putting my hands over my hard cock, blushing a little."Besides," Chase added proudly. "Tony sucks my dickie too sometimes."You could have knocked me over with a feather."What?" I grinned at his blushing brother. "You Loli Preteen let this little goon suck your stuff, numnuts?"Tony rolled his eyes and groaned. "You weren't supposed to tell him that, Chasey."Chase shrugged. "Well, it's TRUE."I laughed a little more. "No wonder you don't mind babysitting him," I smiled.Tony put his hands up in the air and looked innocent. "Busted," he grinned."So, now what do we do?" I asked mischievously."Is your movie done, Chase?" Tony asked his little brother."Yep," said Chase. "My popcorn's almost gone, too."Tony winked at me."So, why don't you come over here and play with me and Brad for a while? I'm sure you'd like some of the games we're playing.""Really?" squealed Chase, delighted to be included."Sure," I grinned. "Why not, kiddo? As long as you and Tony do it, you might as well do it with both of us.""Yaaaayyyyy!" Chase yelled, running over to join us on the bed.I watched him jump up in his little flannel pajamas, excited at the prospect of another person joining us in our activities.I thought in the back of my mind that maybe he was a little too young for this, but then I remembered he was only a couple years younger than Tony and I were when we started doing stuff, and as far as I knew, we weren't warped psycho-killers or anything, so, hey, what the hell."Take your jammies Loli Preteen off, Chasey," Tony said, winking at me.Chase nodded, used to the routine.We both watched intently as he stripped down to his cute little Pokeman underwear. His little stiffy was already straining against the fabric, begging for attention."Hey," I said, smiling at his groin. "That's cute underwear you've got there, kiddo."He rolled his eyes. "Mom makes me wear them. I prefer white."Me and Tony cracked up. What a line."So, what do you want me to do?" Chase asked, his eyes all eager and sparkling."Why don't you take your underwear off," I said. "It'll be easier to see each other that way."With no complaints or embarrassment, Chase yanked off his shorts and kneeled there on the bed, his little three-incher jutting out at full mast."See?" he said proudly, pointing to it. "A stiffy!""Beautiful," I said, giving him a nod. "Now, why don't you show me how you suck on Tony's thing.""Really?" he said, eyes wide."Yep. I'd like to watch you two.""Okay," he chimed, kneeling down between his brothers legs.His little mouth wrapped around his brother's penis and he began sucking happily. I was impressed. The kid was pretty good. Brad winced a couple times as Chase scraped his teeth against the shaft, but other than that, I could tell they were both really familiar with each other."Wanna play butt games?" Chase offered happily.Wow. This was getting better than I'd imagined."What are butt games?" I asked him, pretending not to know."That's where you take your thing and you put it in my butt hole," he announced, like it was no big deal.I looked at Tony, who was beginning to blush again. I grinned at him."And how do you know about those?" I asked.Chase beamed."Tony and me play butt games all the time!"Tony moaned and covered his face."Well, well," I grinned at him. You're full of surprises, aren't you?""Big mouth," Tony grinned, punching his brother playfully on the arm."This is how butt games work," Chase instructed, like we'd never heard of them before. "I come over and suck your thing until it gets wet...then you get some spit and put it on my butt. Then you roll me over and put it in me!"He looked so proud of himself. Like he'd discovered electricity or invented the wheel."Sounds good to me," I said. "Come on over and give it a try."Without a moment's hesitation, Chase leaned over and buried his head in my groin."Ohhhhhhh," I moaned, surprised at his skill. "That's...excellent."He bobbed his little head up and down, coating my dick with a thick wad of saliva."Now put it in my butt," he grinned, looking up at me. "I'll roll over so you can stick it in."I looked at Tony hesitantly -- asking for unspoken permission with my eyes. He grinned. Motioned his hand to his little brother's ass, wagging cheerfully on the bed before me."He's all yours," he giggled. "He likes it, too."I didn't need any more encouragement.I positioned myself in front of Chase's little rosebud, and lubing it up with a finger full of saliva, I lowered myself down and slowly entered his tight young hole."Wow!" Chase said. "You got a biggie, Brad."I grunted and pushed in deeper. Chase didn't act like he felt it at all. He just giggled and wiggled his ass even more, helping me adjust myself into the tightness of his 9-year-old rectum."Now push it in and out," he said, still "instructing" me."Like this?" I asked, starting to pull in and out, fucking him slowly with long, deep strokes."Perfect," he cooed. "That feels really good. You're good at butt games."Next to me on the bed, Tony started masturbating, enjoying the site of me fucking his little brother. He positioned his dick at the tip of my mouth, not putting it inside me, but holding it up next to my lips as he continued to jack off."Do it faster," Chase demanded. "Do it faster until your stuff comes out."I grunted and moaned, holding myself up with my arms as I continued to plow in and out of Chase's tiny asshole. I can't describe the feeling. It was wonderful. If Tony was tight, Chase was heavenly."Now," Chase said, sensing my climax. "Push it way down deep and squirt your stuff in me.""Ahhhhhhrrrghhhhhh....!" I groaned, slamming in deep and releasing my semen deep within his hot, tight bowels.At the same time, Tony bucked his head back, groaned loudly, and shot his drops of cum on my face. I eagerly licked the ones that dripped onto my lips."Oh my God," I sighed, pulling out of Chase. "That was fantastic!""Thanks," Chase grinned, hopping off the bed and reaching for his pajamas. "Gotta go. I'm watching another movie now."He grabbed his popcorn and was out the door before I could even catch my breath."Well, well," I grinned at Tony. "That was unexpected.""Yep," Tony smiled. "He's learning fast, huh?"I punched him in the arm and laid down on the bed with him, nestling him in my arms, enjoying his soft sigh as he stretched his arm around me and laid his head on my shoulder.It seems we added an additional after-school snack to the menu.And by the looks of his eager little brother, I might never go hungry again.______________________________________________________________END
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